It’s not you. It’s them…

A lot can happen in four months when you’re doing the next right thing.

You may have noticed I don’t post a lot on here. Honestly, I’d much rather read your posts in the ten free minutes I might find in a day than spend it writing something of my own.

It’s not that I can’t write.  I prefer to spend my time in other ways.

I’m going to bet you have something like that in your life, too…

You know… the tasks you *could* do if you wanted to, but you never make them a priority?  Yeah.

Everyone has ‘em.  I bet my business on that.

As you can guess from my silence, business has been good.

While you won’t get any argument from me that content rules, you will find that I personally don’t subscribe to any school that tells me I must run my business a certain way (or else).

For many who blog, content is the key to attracting visitors and buyers.  I rely on proven successes and word of mouth marketing.

Is one better than the other?

For me, yes. My way is better than the other.  For you, it may be reversed.  Totally cool.  Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we all needed and did the same things?

Of course, diversification is usually a good strategy, so I still write. I just don’t do it as much for my website.

If I’ve learned one thing since starting Renewabelle, and especially since shifting the focus of my business earlier this year, it’s that you need to do what’s right for your customers.  It’s all about them.

My ideal customers know I write because I do it for them.  They didn’t hire me because they read a blog post on my site.  They hired me because someone else I’ve worked with told them I was awesome.  They’ve seen my finished products.  My ideal customer appreciates the walk over the talk, so I walk.

Yours may want something different. Do that.

And if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here, working my ass off and doing whatever the next right thing for me is in that moment. While I’m not able to take on new project management and execution opportunities right now, I may be able to get you going in the right direction.

Just keep on doing whatever it is you do best and don’t stop believin’

As always, I thank you for taking the time to read this and hope it finds you well.



PS: Remember when I said I do write sometimes? Well, the good folks at Copyblogger put up one of my pieces today. Head on over and drop some love on it, will ya? THANK YOU!